Speaking Engagements:

  • “Breastfeeding - the Role of Cortisol Stress Hormone”. Presented at a multidisciplinary conference on the topic of breastfeeding in Adelaide. Most of the audience were Midwives, LC's, and nurses.
  • “Breastfeeding and Tongue Tie - The Role of Chiropractic”. Presentation given to a group of midwives, lactation consultants, and other body workers (physios, chiropractors, and osteopaths)
  • “Concussion: Increases Risk of ACL injury 4x the following season”. Guest Speaker for the 2018 Adelaide Hills Football League Trainers Association on the impact of concussion on future injuries of other body parts.

Course Given:

  • “Breastfeeding - The Role of Chiropractic”. A course I provided to a room full of fellow chiropractors.

Founder of MotusPro:

  • An online platform where I help people who have failed to gain confidence with their lower back despite trying various therapies, including my own chiropractic care. I teach online courses to get a strong back which results in the enjoyment of an epic life. There is also a 1-on-1 program entailing a series of video calls for the person who doesn’t have the time to go through the course.

Co-Owner of:

Also Practice Chiropractic in the above two clinics throughout the week.

List of Key Learning Experiences (not exhaustive) by Topic:

Paediatrics (newborn to adolescence):

  • Inspiral Paediatric Seminar - How to effectively care for infants through to toddlers with various conditions: from colic, plagiocephaly (mis-shappen head), torticollis, milestone developmental delays, among others. (techniques used include Cranio-Sacral)
  • Sleep: Have spent extensive time studying multiple factors involved with a child and infant’s poor sleep.
  • Tongue Tie Institute Course - How to identify a tongue tie (including posterior tongue tie) and my role as a chiropractor to help ensure best results from infant to adult who have layers of compensation due to it.
  • Breast Feeding - Role of various health professionals for optimal result: Bobby Ghaheri (Paediatric ENT from USA, who specialises in oral health and airway - and tongue ties)
  • ASTLiT 2018, 2019.  Australasian Tongue and Lip Tie Association multidisciplinary conference (includes world expert speakers from a variety of professions: ENT, dentistry, sleep medical specialists, orthodontists, chiropractors, osteopaths, orofascial myologists, speech pathologists, chiropractors, lactation consultants, among others)
  • Paediatric Airway Health Conference, where Dr. John Wood (Adelaide ENT), Derek Mahony (Orthodontist from Sydney) among others presented.
  • Continually keeping up with the scientific literature in regard to my field of chiropractic care for children.
  • Scolicare Seminar (world leaders in the assessment and non-surgical correction of scoliosis)
  • Variety of Modules from the Elevate Paediatric Program (including Cranio-Sacral)
  • Kids Summit for Chiropractors. Frequently attend this annual event with world experts presenting on various topics to ensure the best care is provided for the kids of our community.


  • TMJ dysfunction: Have spent extensive time studying this topic.
  • Concussion: Have spent significant time reviewing the scientific literature on this topic.
  • Sport Injury and Performance: Continually keeping up with the scientific literature in this field.
  • Myofascial system / Tensegrity: Have spent significant time studying this field which shows how connective tissue covering muscles and organs are connected and affect one another in specific paths. (explains how a chronic shoulder problem could be linked an opposite glute / hip problem; or where an athlete may be leaking power in their movement pattern)
  • ART (Active Release Technique) - is a muscle release technique for myofascial trigger points.
  • James Chestnut Chiropractic Wellness Seminars: Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well.
  • Extremity (arms and legs) Adjusting Seminar by Charette.
  • Thompson Drop Table Technique seminar
  • Several annual Australian Chiropractic Association Conferences (where a variety of world renown speakers present)
  • Back Pain - McGill Method. I am a certified clinician in the McGill Method to restore back health. Created and run by world expert Stuart McGill on the topic of ‘Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance’. Aimed at helping both elite athlete and worker.