“Text Neck” is now becoming a common term in the chiropractic and medical world as a true cause of neck disorders and related headaches.

Do you truly realise how much strain you are putting on your neck when you’re looking down at your phone?  Maybe even while you’re reading this very article!

Let’s explain normal so you can understand abnormal:


  • Ears aligned with mid shoulders - and shoulders are held back (not rounded forward)
  • Weight of head on shoulders is an average 5kg for adults.


  • Average person looks down 45 degrees when using their phone.
  • Weight of head increases by 5kg’s every 15deg forward of shoulders.
  • 45 degrees head forward = 20kg of weight on the neck and spine.

‘Text Neck’ increases the odds of osteoarthritis.

Do These Exercises Regularly to Reverse the Effects of Text Neck
(the third video in particular)

Also - When you’re at home on your phone - get on your tummy!
Watch this to learn why




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