Since we are a small hike away from Mount Barker (15min drive to be exact), it may seem strange to learn that for chiropractic care, we are the residents’ favorite.

In fact, at times, even we find it hard to believe the majority of people we serve reside in Mt Barker!  Then we remember that there are good reasons for this to be true:

  1. We offer a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  2. Most get adjusted on their first visit
  3. You will not get a life-time care sales pitch.
  4. We strive to serve you like we would our own family members.
  5. Easy to get into. We are open late 5 days a week and Saturday mornings.

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If you are a Mt Barker resident, and are looking for a chiropractor to care for you and your family, Better Back Chiropractic is worth the drive for chiropractors that continually strive to make their best better.

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