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Better Back Chiropractic

Why Choose Us?

We consider every individual recommended to us as the greatest compliment we receive. It instills the trust people have in us with their closest friends and family.

Also, we receive referrals from many other health professionals in various fields (medical, physiotherapy, midwifery, personal trainers, massage therapists,... to name a few.)

We don't take these referrals for granted. We endeavour to look after each individual as we would our very own family members.

We are proud to say that we've never had to act on this guarantee. However, we know it gives people peace of mind knowing they've got nothing to lose.

Although we cannot guarantee results, we do guarantee your satisfaction with the experience of our service. If at any time you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund the cost of that visit!

Most likely...We want to get you started on your path to improvement asap, so, if we agree that it is safe and appropriate, we will start care on the 1st visit.

I hear it from so many people, that they’ve been told they need to stop doing the sport, or activity they love most; either while they recover, or for ever!

It is rare that we will make this recommendation.

We try our best to keep you in the game while getting you back to 100%.

Finding it hard to find a time to come in because you’re not kid-free?

Bring them along! Kids can be in the room with us while being worked on – we love the energy they bring.

There’s also a kids play corner in the reception room

A big part of being ‘wellness focused’ means that you are in control of your own health care decisions.

Our job is to give you our best advice to get you the results that you want.

Your job is to decide if you want to follow them in full, in part, or at all.

We will always respect your decision.

  • Know our starting point
  • Thorough initial history and exam, including X-Ray analysis if taken
  • Know our end goals
  • Create a plan of management to achieve the goals.
  • Regular Progress Exams
  • These checkpoints inform us how far have we come, and how far we have still to go. This allows us to make changes to the way we care for you and our recommendations for you to care for yourself to achieve your goals.

Better Back Chiropractic has been a fixture in the Oakbank region for over 25 years.


Our positive reputation is a result of our chiropractors continually striving to make their best better.


Serving Adelaide Hills / Mount Barker Region

Private Health Funds

We provide HICAPS facilities for your convenience. All private health funds are accepted. If you have the appropriate cover all you have to do is swipe your health fund card/tap the app and pay the gap.

What We Love:

• People taking control of their own health
• People asking lots of questions
• Continual sharpening of our knowledge and skills to be and give our very best

We Make Recommendations for improving your family’s health by asking ourselves, "what would I recommend if you were my brother, sister, parent, or my child?”


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Oakbank, Adelaide Hills, SA 5243
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