A study performed at the University of the Sunshine Coast believes that this bony growth on the back of the head is a result of hunched posture during childhood. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-21625-1

The muscles attaching to the back of the head are in chronic stress when hunched over, and the body adapts to this excessive stress by calcifying the muscle attachment site.

Top 2 Things You Can Do To Prevent Horns On Your Kids Heads

1. Lead by example regarding posture

  1. Kids are imitators.
  2. Bring your phone up to eye level
  3. Limit phone and table time

2. Tummy Time.

  1. Not only for babies.  It’s for everyone.
  2. It will reverse the posture that the kids have been in all day at school
  3. Make it a rule for tablet and phone use.  Even tummy time for reading and school work.

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